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       Marine transportation the most common and popular species of goods transportation. International trade, the basic volume that is shipping on the fashion. This type of Transportation is favorable for virtually every type of goods in transit and is distinguished by its high economics.Current shipping methods allow you to as a big party, the goods transported, as well as unit loads of the publication. Company "B-C-it"-found its users offers marine transportation services the complete range. Our team has big experience in this direction. That is why each of our customers guaranteed high quality services — such as: safe and modern container, adjusted to a particular goods transportation needs. All required documentation timely and correct decoration; loads of as much as possible operative and timely arrival.Our customers can sevices as total container (full load) as well as freight mixed container. Full container order conditions only 1 customer, the goods loaded and it has the exclusive right to the existing container. This type of Service (full load) ideal for large quantity of cargo.
As for the mixed container, which present trade - transport relations is quite common form is a convenient, small and medium business representatives. This aristotile option for a small number of consignments. This type of (mixed container) the main advantage of the transportation cost — you pay for the container in the space fee, which is occupied by your goods.


Cargo Road Transportation, also is one of our main direction. The logistics of this species is very popular, the chapter includes the following type of qualitative advantages: agility, favorable price, safety. International shipments ¾ the right Motor Transportation on fashion. 10-year gmodels team of professionals at prices our customers ' satisfaction of the basic cause.

BCS motor transportation field offers: high-professionalism; order your individual approach and process, confidentiality, secure transportation and mobile response for the transportation of all the details towards.

Preparation of documents and clearance service

Cargo custom Clearence — one of the main components of Logistics.

Modern companies and business are demanding and require quick and quality services of cargo custom clearance angles. There was signed the process can be carried as a cargo by the owner as well as by him, sent by the right head in the clouds by the person. It is worth considering a number of rules and procedures that accompany this process. Documentation and custom clearance experience with our specialists, quickly, favorable price and good quality.


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